Is R2C Right For You?

  • All of our firearms instructors are NRA-certified
  • All of our instructors have diverse backgrounds in firearms
  • Nationwide programs for your convenience
  • Continued education in personal defense, shooting skills, and combat techniques.
  • We offer woman only classes to make it more comfortable or we offer one-on-one private lessons.


Right 2 Conceal is an all-encompassing firearms training school that teaches the state laws and firearms safety (CWP or CCW) in Utah and coming soon to other states across the nation. Right 2 Conceals classes are taught with a commitment to your success and we follow the NRA instruction guidelines even though this is a state sponsored course and not an NRA sponsored course. We involve all of our students in the learning process and teach the following areas of firearms, safety, and state laws:

  • Safety in all aspects of firearm handling
  • The function, use, and different calibers of ammunition
  • How to shoot effectively, safely, and consistently along with range training
  • Our instructors are available after the course to assist with questions
  • Selecting the proper types of firearms, how to use, conceal, store, and clean
  • Basic use in home for you and your families protection

The class sizes need to be managed for an optimal learning experience. For this reason we ask that you per-register and pay for your class in advance so we know what to plan for and can provide the proper amount of materials. Your success is our NUMBER ONE Priority.


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